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Following the Victoria Hospital Foundation’s AGM on Monday, June 12, 2017, the management and Board of Directors of the VHF are very pleased to announce a $250,000 lump sum donation to the Victoria Regional Hospital.

Because of passionate and loyal donor support and a successful year of investing in our community through events and awareness-building, our organization is in the fortunate position to be able to provide additional support to our patients and physicians during a time when it’s needed most.  We are ever grateful to our community for making this possible. – Sherry Buckler, Executive Director

“On behalf of our staff members, physicians, and, especially, our patients, I want to thank the  Victoria Hospital Foundation and their generous donors for support. The funds assist the health region in addressing important equipment needs that will improve the patient experience and ensure we can continue to provide quality, safe care.” – Cecile Hunt, CEO

The PAPHR has provided the Foundation with a list of the high priority items and the following equipment will be purchased as a result of this funding:

  • Wound Vac to assist patients with deep chronic wounds
  • Bladder Scanner: a safe and non-invasive alternative to catheterisation
  • Ice Machine: Day Surgery
  • Upright buckey, Diagnostic Imaging
  • Octostop child immobilizer to help safely smooth the progress of vital diagnostic children’s procedures
  • Roll in combi oven: To improve efficiency for high volume demands in our nutrition unit
  • Beds with mattresses: hospital beds are now 15 years old and becoming irreparable

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