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01 December, 2017
6:00 am
Victoria Regional Hospital , 1200 24th Street West, Prince Albert

Imagine a hospital that serves all of north central Saskatchewan – with only 134 acute care beds and yet over 30,000 emergency room visits each year – it’s no surprise we are often running over capacity and are regularly forced to issue a code ‘burgundy’ to our community while redirecting patients to Saskatoon via ambulance.

One of our big obstacles is dated and out-moded equipment. The Victoria Regional Hospital’s pharmacy serves both our hospital and the 13 other primary care sites and home care services in our province. They also play a critical role in our hospital’s chemotherapy, dialysis and mental health units. At present, our pharmacists prepare and package thousands of prescription medications manually with an outdated and obsolete pill packaging system. Our pharmacists struggle to keep up with the growing demand to ensure all who need vital medications receive them quickly and accurately.

We are fundraising for an automated pill packaging system that will dramatically increase the volume, speed and safety with which our pharmacy prepares and distributes critical medicine to thousands of people. This technology is expensive and will cost $400,000 and includes a software program and verification safety check system which will also nearly eliminate the risk of error. In addition, it will also liberate the time of our pharmacists to focus directly on optimizing a patient’s response to medication therapies.

Please consider how a well-managed and up to date hospital pharmacy can impact the overall health of an entire community! From a patient recovering from severe depression, a little girl struggling with her insulin, a palliative patient managing their pain to those fighting cancer with chemotherapy, it can and will be, life changing! On December 1st, please listen, then please give.

For full details on how to make your donation, click here