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There is a continuing need for funding due in part to the rapid advances being made in medical treatments available and the technology of today.


We want to provide the very best care to those who come to us.  New equipment is safer in design and in reliability. It allows for a wider scope of practice within our facility (less travel to Saskatoon) and it sends our medical staff the message that their efforts are appreciated and that the communities are standing behind them.

– Dr. Randall Friesen, Senior Medical Officer, PAPHR


Most urgently needed equipment:


Herb Bassett Home

SMART pump $4,500
Sit stand lift $4,500
Total lift $4,500
Broda chair $3,500
Room furnishings $3,300 per room
Stretcher $5,000

Pineview Terrace

Vital signs monitor $4,500
Therapy surface $5,000
Comfort chair $2,500

Ambulatory Care

Wound vac $4,600
Bladder scanner $18,800
Pattern Retinal Laser $150,000

Diagnostic Imaging

Portable x-ray $200,000
MRI $3,500,000
ECG machine $10,500
Broda chair $3,500
Procedure table $100,000


Transport monitor $7,300
SMART pump $4,500
Portable ultrasound $80,000
8 beds replaced $64,000
Ceiling lift $8,000


Microbiology analyzer $120,000
Cryostat $35,000
Microreader $55,000

Palliative Care

Vital signs monitor $4,500
Alternating pressure bed $12,000
Alternating pressure mattress $5,100
Broda chair $3,500
Ceiling lifts $5,500 per room
Macerator $10,000

Level 4 Surgical Care

Epidural pumps $5,500
Bladder scanner $14,000
ECG machine $10,500

Obstetrics & Nursery

Fetal monitor $24,500
Delivery bed $22,000
Portable ultrasound $80,000
SMART pump $4,500
Infant CPAP $20,000
Pediatric ventilator $70,000

Renal Dialysis

Hemodialysis monitor $24,000
Vital signs monitor $4,500
Treatment chair $7,000