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Sharing your story with us is a great way to recognize our amazing team of health professionals at the Victoria Regional Hospital as well as help us raise awareness and funds.

Do you have a compelling story to tell about your experience at Victoria Regional Hospital, the medical professionals who cared for you or a loved one, or an experience with our community health programs and services? We want to hear from you! You can fill out the below form or email us at info@helpthevic.ca

Ed was born May 1916 in North Battleford, Sk and died March 2012 at Victoria Hospital. Ed served in France and Germany during the Second World War and was discharged in 1946. Following the war, he worked at the box factory and Molson Brewery in Prince Albert.
Ann was born August 1921 in White Star, SK and died this past February at Victoria Hospital. Ann worked at various grocery stores and Consumer Distributing in Prince Albert.

Ed and Ann were married in October 1941 and their only child, Ted was born in 1942. Ed and Ann retired to their acreage in White Star in 1981 and moved back to Prince Albert in 2004.

Ann was truly grateful for the dedication of Dr. Gordon Surkan and staff for the care given to both of them during their elderly years. She was also amazed with the care and compassion of the medical staff of the Victoria Hospital for Ed during his final week in hospital and the care was again witnessed this year during her final week in the hospital while myself and family members sat with her. It was due to this compassion and care that she had decided to give a bequest to the Victoria Hospital Foundation upon her death.
Yours Truly,

I would like to share my experience when I was a patient at the Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert from Dec. 25 to Feb. 9 this year. Residents of Prince Albert should be very proud of their hospital and the exemplary doctors and nurses who execute their duties with patience, tolerance and compassion. Congratulations to this wonderful hospital and all the nursing staff and doctors. You all made my stay very pleasant.
Jean Fonceca Edmonton, Alta.

Our mother, Dawne, had COPD that required hospitalization at times, with several admissions to ICU. Her heart worked overtime to compensate for her lungs so monitoring was critical to her recovery from pneumonia and other lung infections. One night at home she grew dizzy, fell onto a glass coffee table, broke 3 ribs and punctured a lung. After being rushed to emergency, she was put in the trusting hands of ICU. We were warned her lung may not re-inflate, and with only 20% lung capacity, she wouldn’t survive that outcome. Through her sheer stubbornness and the ICU’s attention, she persevered, returning her home to us. We got our miracle of more time.

However, her lungs eventually grew incapable of omitting carbon dioxide and in late April she entered the hospital and ICU for the last time. As resilient as she was, she was also weary from her long and arduous journey with lung disease. We encountered a staff that worked tirelessly to give us another miracle, but it was not to be. Those monitors that once allowed us to see her progress were turned off as we prepared to say goodbye. It was then that ICU gave us other gifts; like Peace in knowing that everything that could have been done for her, had been attempted, relieving us of doubt in her final moments; and Compassion in their treatment of our mother, even when hope was lost, providing diligent care, respect and dignity for both her and her family. Her heart beat for the last time the morning of April 28, 2014

Over a year later while there to visit a patient, I recognized a nurse that cared so wonderfully for my mother and said to her “You won’t remember me but you took care of my mom last year and I just want to say thank you”. Her response shocked me. She said “Of course, your mom was Dawne – she was a wonderful lady”. We didn’t know this nurse prior to my mom’s last days there. And that nurse, a year later, knew her name, remembered what her daughter looked like and was able in one sentence to assure me that my mom mattered, she wasn’t just a number or a file – she was a person and a life that was valued and honoured. We are forever grateful to the staff there and thankful her last experience on this earth was one of genuine compassion. We encourage others to donate [to the Victoria Hospital Foundation] so that they too may get their miracles.

Just a small token to show my appreciation for the excellent care of my mother. My mother was hospitalized in January and February of this year. She is now at a private care home (in Prince Albert) and I speak to her everyday.The staff and doctors at your hospital did wonders! Thank you so much!
-Marie from Calgary, AB.

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